About Melanie

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What’s up!  My name is Melanie Martin and I’m from Tallahassee, Florida.  ‘Yas child,’ a Southern gal.  I’ve moved around a lot and experienced a lot of personalities. From Florida, to Alabama, to Virgina, and all over California.

Wellllp…I live in this crazy unpredictable town – Los Angeles. In my lifetime, I’ve done some pretty fun things, traveled the world, and met some awesome people.  Aside from being in front of the camera, one of my favorite things to do is spontaneous traveling.  Keeps the blood flowin’ (ya know?).

I love to dance and have studied many styles (including West African, Tap, Jazz, Modern & Ballet).  I’ve even been studying Capoeira (and Afro-Brazilian martial art).  While in college at Hampton University, I focused on Adverstising and Theater then ventured on to San Francisco’s American Conservatory Theater where I sharpened my skills.  I toured with a show called “Mama Dee’s Girls” with Jennifer Holliday, Ali Woodson, Cherelle, Phillip Michael Thomas then studied modern dance with The Urban Bush Women company of New York.  I went back to Florida and danced with the African Caribbean Dance Theater (ACDT) where I deepened my appreciation for the arts around the African diaspora. After finally landing in Los Angeles, CA, I went on to further study acting at the Ivana Chubbuck Studios. I am now a long-term advanced student at the Beverly Hills Playhouse in Beverly Hills.

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